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First, thanks to nxtguy for all his efforts in keeping NXTCRAFT running great all this time! As he mentioned in his previous post, he will now be focusing on his other projects and I will be taking over the management of NXTCRAFT.

To introduce myself, I’ve been playing Minecraft for a couple years and have some experience managing Minecraft servers as well as other types of servers. I hope to get to know the user community better in the coming months.

There is a fair amount involved with running a public server, but I’ll do my best to keep it running well. My initial goals are to get a better understanding of all the features on NXTCRAFT and also work with the user community and moderators to address any issues or concerns. I want to continue making NXTCRAFT a family friendly server and a fun place to play.

So thanks again nxtguy, moderators and users. I’ll see you all ingame!



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Management Change at NXTCRAFT http://nxtcraft.com/wp/management-change-at-nxtcraft/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/management-change-at-nxtcraft/#comments Sat, 30 Nov 2013 04:13:10 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/wp/?p=77 Hi Everyone,

As you know I’ve been running NXTCRAFT for awhile now and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve met some great people and learned lots of useful skills. However, to run a server like this takes a lot of time and I would like focus more on other projects now, like software development. For that reason I’m going to hand over management and day-to-day operations of NXTCRAFT to WireWrap. WireWrap is someone that has agreed to continue to run NXTCRAFT and I will assist in ensuring a smooth transition.

So NXTCRAFT will still be running, same as before. Thanks to the moderators and users for creating a great community around NXTCRAFT. I hope the community continues to grow. I’ll still be online while WireWrap transitions and afterwards so I hope to see you ingame.

All the best,

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Halloween Build Contest Results Are In! http://nxtcraft.com/wp/halloween-build-contest-results-are-in/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/halloween-build-contest-results-are-in/#comments Thu, 31 Oct 2013 01:41:39 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/wp/?p=67 Thank you to everyone who has entered in our second Halloween contest! The staff and I really enjoyed looking at all the Halloween themed creations you guys have built! The competition was tough this year and the 1st place entry was only scored 0.25 more than the 2nd place entry! (That’s really close!)

A reminder that the winner will receive:

  • [30 Days] Obsidian Rank ($8.95) Receive our highest Premium rank!
  • 8 HORSE Spawn Eggs! ($1.45) Spawn the rare horses instantly with your spawn eggs!
  • Assorted Horse Armor Pack! ($2.95) Protect your horses with all types of horse armor!
  • A choice of:
    6 Name Tags! ($1.95) Rename your mobs with these super rare name tags!
    128 Exp Levels! ($1.95) Finally create that dream sword you wanted, with XP to spare!

How the Judging Worked

Before I announce the winner, I would like to explain a little bit of how the judging process worked.

Basically, the staff involved with judging visited each entry by the location you set. Then they gave the entry a score out of 5 based on originality, creativity, and how well the entry was Halloween themed. Once all the scores were received, each staff’s score was then added up then averaged to get the entry’s overall score. The overall score was then used to determine the winner.

Enough Talking, Now the Winner!

The winner for NXTCRAFT’s 2013 Halloween Build Contest is Romomania with his/her awesome looking pumpkin patch! (Picture below)

Everyone’s entries were very good, and like I’ve said before the first and second place score difference was only 0.25!!!

Thanks for everyone who entered, and we look forward to seeing what you build next year!

Winner’s Entry



Runner Up Entries



Thanks for everyone’s entries! I’ll be at Minecon for this week so I’ll be tweeting pictures! (If I have Wi-Fi, xD)

Happy Minecrafting!

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Halloween Build Contest! http://nxtcraft.com/wp/halloween-build-contest/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/halloween-build-contest/#comments Sun, 06 Oct 2013 21:15:08 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/wp/?p=62 Halloween is just around the corner, and that means our Halloween build contest is too! Last year we had lots of fun seeing all the Halloween themed things players have made so the contest is back again this year!

Here’s how you can enter. Starting today (Sunday, October 6th) start building a fantastic Halloween themed build. It can be anywhere from a Haunted Minecart Track to a Spooky Halloween Mansion. What ever you are going to build, you have about 2 weeks to build it.

When you’re finished adding the final touches, type /contest in game. (Make sure you stand at the location you would like the judges to appear when they judge your build!)

After the contest ends, we’ll judge all the builds and pick a winner! The winner will win the prizes below! Make sure to review the rules, and good luck!

Contest Prizes!

At the end of the contest, a few staff will judge the contest submissions. Each moderator’s score will be averaged to get the total score for the entry. The build with the highest score will win the following prize package. (In an event of a tie, there will be a vote.)

  • [30 Days] Obsidian Rank ($8.95) Receive our highest Premium rank!
  • 8 HORSE Spawn Eggs! ($1.45) Spawn the rare horses instantly with your spawn eggs!
  • Assorted Horse Armor Pack! ($2.95) Protect your horses with all types of horse armor!
  • A choice of:
    6 Name Tags! ($1.95) Rename your mobs with these super rare name tags!
    128 Exp Levels! ($1.95) Finally create that dream sword you wanted, with XP to spare!

Contest Rules

Only one builder per entry. As much as we encourage working together, this year there may only be one builder per entry.
One entry per account. Each Minecraft account may only submit one contest entry.
Prizes and entries are non transferable. The player who builds the creation, submits the entry, and receives the prize must be the same. (You cannot win the contest, then ask the price to be given to your friend’s account.)
Banned players may not be judged. If you are currently banned you cannot participate in the contest.
Entries may only be worked on during the contest build period. You may not start building your entry until after the contest officially opens, (Sunday, October 6th) or after the contest build period ends.
Cheating of any kind is not allowed. Using any client mods to give you an advantage is not allowed.
Entries must be original. You cannot completely copy another build on YouTube or another entry.

That’s about it! Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries!

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Server Data Transfer Completed http://nxtcraft.com/wp/server-data-transfer-completed/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/server-data-transfer-completed/#comments Sat, 14 Sep 2013 05:45:06 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/wp/?p=58 We have successfully transferred over to our new dedicated server! It took a little longer than expected but we are glad everything went as planned in the end.

What does this mean for you?

You should notice no difference when playing/connecting to NXTCRAFT. We have completely cloned the data on our old server to our new server. If anything you should notice increased performance.

Why did we switch to a dedicated server?

We switched servers for multiple reasons. This new server should have better uptime, better performance and we have full control over it. Because we have full control, we can do a lot more things such as better RAM and disk space monitoring, faster maintenance periods, full control of plugins, and many more things. We hope you notice a performance improvement! 

If there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact any staff member online! 

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Paintball SnowShot Coming this Friday! http://nxtcraft.com/wp/paintball-snowshot-coming-this-friday/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/paintball-snowshot-coming-this-friday/#comments Sun, 01 Sep 2013 20:34:05 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/wp/?p=49 A highly requested feature for some time has been Paintball arenas on NXTCRAFT. We are proud to announce that SnowShot the paintball plugin developed by Volcanic Plaza will be coming to NXTCRAFT this Friday!

SnowShot is our custom paintball plugin! With custom guns, features and maps it’s an action packed paintball experience on NXTCRAFT you won’t want to miss!

The Launch Event.

VolcanicPlaza and the staff at NXTCRAFT have put in tons of work into this project and are very excited to finally release it. By joining the FIRST PUBLIC MATCH of Snow Shot, you’ll receive an exclusive power up! Mark your calendars! First public match will be available to all members on September 6th, at 6:00PM PDT.

Don’t be late! There are a limited amount of slots for the first game! If you have any questions about the launch event, feel free to shoot us an email or ask us in game!

Before the Launch Event.

We don’t want you to be waiting until Friday in the dark, so everyday until the launch event we’ll be uploading a SnowShot picture-of-the-day to this page!

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Fixed exploits and added realHunger! http://nxtcraft.com/wp/fixed-exploits-and-added-realhunger/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/fixed-exploits-and-added-realhunger/#comments Sat, 31 Aug 2013 04:49:30 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/wp/?p=43 Hello Friendly Minecraft Player! We have recently introduced some fixes and changes to NXTCRAFT to hopefully better the overall experience when you’re playing on NXTCRAFT.

Recently we have noticed a large amount of players getting their houses raided due to others ender-pearling inside their base, or spamming enderpearls through your door until they get in.

We want to keep enderpearls working, and at the same time decrease the glitches occurring around them. For now on, enderpearls have been blocked within claimed faction territory that you do not have a positive or neutral relationship with. This means you will still be able to use enderpearls freely within your own faction, and allied territories but not factions which you have a neutral or enemy relation with.

Another exploit we addressed was the tpAnimals selector exploit. This exploit allowed players to select a player and later on teleport to that player. Fortunately tpAnimals is a custom plugin written by NXTGUY, so as soon as we were notified of this exploit we updated the code appropriately to fix this. If you are still finding problems around this, please contact us. :)

Last we have introduced a new hunger feature. Normally when players die in game, they are respawned back with full hearts and a full hunger bar. I thought this was somewhat unrealistic, and players sometimes commit suicide just to get respawned with full health and hunger bars. With our custom plugin realHunger, your health and hunger bar will be 50% full when respawning instead of 100%. We hope this makes dying mean a little bit more in Minecraft. ;)

Thanks for reading this update blog! If you find any other exploits or glitches we don’t already know about, make sure to let us know so we can correct them. Also if you have any questions about the new changes, feel free to ask any of the staff members online.


Happy Minecrafting!


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End of the Summer Sale! http://nxtcraft.com/wp/end-of-the-summer-sale/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/end-of-the-summer-sale/#comments Sat, 24 Aug 2013 18:32:18 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/?p=32 The summer is almost over which means back to school for most of us! To end the summer, NXTCRAFT will be doing a huge eShop sale!

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing any of our Premium ranks, now is the time to do so! For one week only, all ranks will take the price of one rank lower.

For example, Obsidian Premium will be the price of Emerald Premium! (and Emerald will be the price of Gold.) This means you can purchase Emerald Premium for only $2.45 right now! This amazing offer only lasts one week!

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Woah, a blog? http://nxtcraft.com/wp/woah-a-blog/ http://nxtcraft.com/wp/woah-a-blog/#comments Fri, 23 Aug 2013 02:37:04 +0000 NXTGUY http://nxtcraft.com/?p=29 You heard right! No longer is this front page a static boring “welcome message!” NXTCRAFT’s home page is now your one stop place for all upcoming changes to NXTCRAFT, new features, Minecraft related news, and much more!

Moderators on NXTCRAFT will also be joining in on the posting fun! You may see posts written by the moderators on NXTCRAFT, not only me. (At the bottom of each post, you’ll be able to view the author.)

We have loads of new features that we can’t wait to release! Check back soon for the details! Bye for now. :)

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