Halloween Build Contest!

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means our Halloween build contest is too! Last year we had lots of fun seeing all the Halloween themed things players have made so the contest is back again this year!

Here’s how you can enter. Starting today (Sunday, October 6th) start building a fantastic Halloween themed build. It can be anywhere from a Haunted Minecart Track to a Spooky Halloween Mansion. What ever you are going to build, you have about 2 weeks to build it.

When you’re finished adding the final touches, type /contest in game. (Make sure you stand at the location you would like the judges to appear when they judge your build!)

After the contest ends, we’ll judge all the builds and pick a winner! The winner will win the prizes below! Make sure to review the rules, and good luck!

Contest Prizes!

At the end of the contest, a few staff will judge the contest submissions. Each moderator’s score will be averaged to get the total score for the entry. The build with the highest score will win the following prize package. (In an event of a tie, there will be a vote.)

  • [30 Days] Obsidian Rank ($8.95) Receive our highest Premium rank!
  • 8 HORSE Spawn Eggs! ($1.45) Spawn the rare horses instantly with your spawn eggs!
  • Assorted Horse Armor Pack! ($2.95) Protect your horses with all types of horse armor!
  • A choice of:
    6 Name Tags! ($1.95) Rename your mobs with these super rare name tags!
    128 Exp Levels! ($1.95) Finally create that dream sword you wanted, with XP to spare!

Contest Rules

Only one builder per entry. As much as we encourage working together, this year there may only be one builder per entry.
One entry per account. Each Minecraft account may only submit one contest entry.
Prizes and entries are non transferable. The player who builds the creation, submits the entry, and receives the prize must be the same. (You cannot win the contest, then ask the price to be given to your friend’s account.)
Banned players may not be judged. If you are currently banned you cannot participate in the contest.
Entries may only be worked on during the contest build period. You may not start building your entry until after the contest officially opens, (Sunday, October 6th) or after the contest build period ends.
Cheating of any kind is not allowed. Using any client mods to give you an advantage is not allowed.
Entries must be original. You cannot completely copy another build on YouTube or another entry.

That’s about it! Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries!