Hello from WireWrap

Hi all,

First, thanks to nxtguy for all his efforts in keeping NXTCRAFT running great all this time! As he mentioned in his previous post, he will now be focusing on his other projects and I will be taking over the management of NXTCRAFT.

To introduce myself, I’ve been playing Minecraft for a couple years and have some experience managing Minecraft servers as well as other types of servers. I hope to get to know the user community better in the coming months.

There is a fair amount involved with running a public server, but I’ll do my best to keep it running well. My initial goals are to get a better understanding of all the features on NXTCRAFT and also work with the user community and moderators to address any issues or concerns. I want to continue making NXTCRAFT a family friendly server and a fun place to play.

So thanks again nxtguy, moderators and users. I’ll see you all ingame!